Analytical Techniques:
Quality Control, Process Control, and Refinery Optimization

Saturday and Sunday, May 3–4, 2014


Organizers: Sefa Koseoglu, Filtration and Membrane World LLC, USA; Sneh D. Bhandari, Silliker Laboratories, USA; Vishal Jain, Bunge North America, USA.



• Recent graduates, entry-level chemists, or technical associates who have the theoretical background of lipid analytics but need to expand their practical capability to take on new analytical challenges they will face on the job. 

• Engineers, plant technicians, and others who are interested in understanding the basic chemistry side of edible oil refinery and processing.


Course Description:

Saturday, May 3, will feature overviews of various analytical methods used to assess the quality of oils and fats, process control, and refinery optimization.  The wet chemical and instrumental methods used in quality control testing will be discussed, plus details on commonly-used simple and rapid methods useful for process control and refinery optimization.


Sunday, May 4, will review the analytical tools to evaluate oils and fats in relation to their use and functions for commercial and nutritional purposes.


Saturday, May 3, 2014  
7:30 am
8:30 am   Basics to Techniques in Lipid Chemistry, Composition, and Function Evaluation.
Vishal Jain, Bunge Oils Inc., USA.
9:15 am   Fundamentals of Edible Oil Processing.
Albert J. Dijkstra, Consultant, France.
10:00 am   Break
10:30 am   Application of Portable FT-IR Spectrometers for Detection of Minor Food Components.
Luis Rodriguez-Saona, Food Science & Technology Dept., Ohio State University, USA.
11:00 am   Rapid Food Analyis with DART.
Susan Seegers, Bunge North America, USA.
11:30 am   Influence of Emulsifiers and Processing on Quality in Margarine and Shortening Production.
Brian Sehested, DuPont Nutrition Biosciences Aps, Denmark.
12:00 pm   Networking Lunch
1:00 am   Analytical Techniques in Oils and Fats Crystallization.
Saeed Mirzaee-Ghazani, University of Guelph, Canada.
1:30 pm   Advances in trans-Fat Analysis.
Magdi Mossoba, FDA, USA.
2:15 pm
  Critical Techniques in Nutritional Analysis of Lipids.
Sneh Bhandari, Silliker Lab, USA.
3:00 pm   Break
3:30 pm   Analytical Applications of Supercritical Fluid Extraction.
John van Antwerp, Waters Corporation, USA.
4:00 pm   Determination of PCBs, Pesticides, and Contaminants.
Steve Royce, Agilent Technologies, USA.
4:30 pm   Lecithin/Phospholipids Characterization.
Swapnil Jadhav, Archer Daniels Midland Company, USA.
5:00 pm


Sunday, May 4, 2014 
8:00 am
8:30 am   Oils and Fats Oxidation.
Tiffanie West, Bunge North America, USA.
9:00 am   How to Optimize Edible Oil Refinery with On-line Process Control and Analysis.
Chris Dayton, Bunge Ltd., USA.
9:30 am   Modern Techniques in Oils and Fats Authentication.
Craig Byrdwell, ARS, USDA, USA.
10:00 am   Break
10:30 am   Advances in Fatty Acid Analysis.
Pierlugi Delmonte, FDA, USA.
11:00 am   Lipidomics and its Application.
Giuseppe Astarita, Waters Corporation, USA.
11:30 am   How Enzyme Solutions Improved Process Yield and Final Product Qualities.
Hans Christian Holm, Novozymes, Denmark.
12:00 pm   Adjourn


Standard Price: $625 Through February 28; $725 Through March 28; After March 28 $825
Student Price: $195


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