Held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal Montréal, Québec, Canada

Terms and Conditions

Registrations are official and complete only when payment is received. A registration confirmation will be emailed the day your registration is processed.

A registration form must be used for each registrant (except for accompanying guests of registered delegates). Payment may be combined for more than one registrant when forms are sent together.

Registration Cancellation: All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing by March 27, 2020. Telephone requests will not be honored. Letters and/or an email should be received or postmarked no later than March 27, 2020 to receive a full refund of the registration fee, less an administrative fee of $100.00 ($50.00 for a student registration).

Request for refunds after the deadline will not be considered. All refund requests will be reviewed by conference leadership. Refunds will be processed as soon as possible, but no later than 6 weeks after the meeting has concluded.

Ticketed events are nonrefundable after March 27, 2020.

General Conditions

It is expressly agreed that the members of the Organizing Committee, AOCS, and its legal representatives, directors and employees, and their agents and officers shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage of any kind whatsoever suffered directly or indirectly by the person, possessions, or property of any conference participants or other person during or in connection with the events on the program or any other activities of the meeting, for any reason whatsoever unless it be proven that the specific damage was due to willful intent or gross negligence on the part of AOCS or any of the aforementioned persons; in such case, liability shall be limited to the loss or damage foreseeable at the time the individual contact was made.

It is agreed that the Organizing Committee, AOCS, and its agents and officers reserve the right to cancel or alter at any time any or all of the scheduled or other activities if this should appear necessary as a result of events that are beyond their control or that they cannot reasonably be expected to influence or that are outside their scope of responsibility; such events shall include, but are not limited to, force majeure, government or other official regulations, natural disasters, strikes of any kind whatsoever, civil disorders or riots, obstruction or curtailment of transport and/or transmission facilities, interaction of other crises, or any other unforeseen occurrence. Decisions regarding the necessity for such cancellations shall be made by the Organizing Committee, AOCS, and their agents at their sole discretion and shall be final.

No one may display products or literature anywhere throughout the meeting facilities except companies participating in the Exhibition, who may do so only from their booth. Any exceptions to this policy must be obtained in advance from AOCS Senior Director, Programs.

All attendees are forbidden from soliciting business in the Expo Hall, unless they are attending the show as an Exhibitor, who may do so only from their booth.

Attending firms and their employees are not permitted to open a hospitality suite, schedule a meeting, provide a meal function, or conduct any event during official meeting activities.

Video or still photography of a booth is not allowed, unless permission is granted by the exhibitor.

Video, still photography, and audio recording are strictly prohibited in all technical sessions, with the exception of working press with AOCS, provided press registration.

Video or still photography of a poster presentation is not allowed, unless permission is granted by the author.