Exhibitors and Sponsors

Exhibitors and Sponsors

The AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo is more than just a conference — it is a prime opportunity to advance your career and grow your network, all in one place. Professionals from all over the world come together online and in-person to share insights and perspectives while building new connections.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

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  • Take advantage of two unique options to engage — in person for a hands-on experience and remotely through comprehensive online profiles.

Expo Hall floorplan

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Featured exhibitors as of April 18, 2022

Alegre Science logo

Booth 143

Alegre Science Inc provides high-quality instrumentation for the oil production and research laboratory. LAIX (Germany) robots (SFC and Oil Lab) and dry SFC tempering baths are the global standard in reliability. Fine Instruments offers low field NMR instrumentation for SFC, oil/moisture in oilseeds w/proprietary technology for the Palm oil plant.

Artisan logo

Booth 117

Artisan Industries has provided over 85 years of Advanced Process Development, R&D testing, and Complete Engineered Systems. Applications include: Contaminant Mitigation of edible oils, such as MCPDs, GEs, and other toxins in a single pass with up to 99% yield & Concentration of Omega 3 oils from 20% DHA+EPA to 80% in a single pass.


Booth 312

Since 1994, BTSA has specialized in producing natural antioxidant solutions and natural vitamin E using physical methods - distillation (versus chemical solvent extraction) from non-GMO vegetable oil sources. We solve oxidation issues and help with extending shelf life, while protecting products from physical degradation, at a low cost-in-use.


Booth 211

Clariant’s Functional Minerals business is a world- leading provider of bentonite and synthetic material-based specialty products. The tailored solutions are designed to enhance products and processes in various industries. From mining raw materials to processing and tailoring them into customer-specific solutions, we provide 360° service across the entire value chain.


Booth 147

Based on Belgium’s De Smet know-how as the world specialist in oilseed and edible oil processing plants, Desmet Ballestra delivers tailor-made engineering and procurement services covering each step of the industry, from oilseed preparation and extraction to oil processing plants including refining and fat modification processes.


Booth 131

French custom designs, manufactures, and supports oilseed processing equipment, full-press extraction, and preparation systems for food and industrial uses. Our long-lasting, durable equipment operates with maximum productivity and lower processing costs per ton. French’s process solutions meet and exceed industry standards of high-quality crude oil, meal and oil-extraction efficiencies.

keit spectrometers

Booth 245

Keit’s breakthrough technology, the IRmadillo process analyzer, provides real-time chemical analyses during the processing of fats & oils. The IRmadillo is a robust, in-line, mid-infrared spectrometer that directly integrates into your manufacturing lines. It measures FFAs, FAME, water, phosphorus, soaps, glycerol & IV – simultaneously & in real time – enabling better process monitoring and control.

kemin logo

Booth 123

Kemin provides shelf-life extension solutions for a variety of foods. Whether you need to delay lipid oxidation in fats and oils products or snack foods or extend fry life, Kemin Food Technologies has the solutions, services, and products you need to delay food oxidation, extend shelf life, and protect color.

Larodan logo

Booth 220

Larodan develops, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive range of high purity lipids for the international market. We serve customers throughout the world, directly and in collaboration with highly competent distribution partners. Our aim is to be the optimal partner for lipid related research, irrespective of the customer’s need or location.

U.S. Soy logo

Booth 122
U.S. Soy

Representing the positive global human impact of soy grown in the United States, U.S. Soy carries forward soy’s promise to transform global nutrition. U.S. Soy offers a portfolio of functional oils, shortenings, and proteins, and is the sustainable solution for growing global protein and vegetable oil needs.

Additional Exhibitors as of April 18, 2022

  • ADF Engineering
    Booth 119
  • Alfa Laval
    Booth 340
  • Anderson International Corp
    Booth 135
  • Anton Paar
    Booth 140
  • Arisdyne Systems, Inc.
    Booth 319
  • BM&M Screening Solutions
    Booth 221
  • Bruker Scientific LLC
    Booth 317
  • Center for Testmaterials BV
    Booth 115
  • CMB SpA
    Booth 137
  • Croll-Reynolds
    Booth 320
  • Crown Iron – Crown Americas
    Booth 225
  • DSM
    Booth 322
  • DVC Process Technologists
    Booth 116
  • EP Engineered Clays
    Booth 216
  • Formulaction Inc.
    Booth 336
  • GEA
    Booth 236
    Booth 310
  • Gerstenberg Services A/S
    Booth 334
  • Graham Corporation
    Booth 235
  • Hanna Instruments, Inc.
    Booth 242
  • HF Press+LipidTech
    Booth 133
  • HUM Oil & Fats Technologies
    Booth 243
  • Imerys
    Booth 338
  • Itaconix Corporation
    Booth 121
  • Italmatch USA
    Booth 142
  • J Rettenmaier USA
    Booth 146
    Booth 124
  • Kansas Polymer Research Center
    Booth 241
  • LEEM Filtration
    Booth 110
  • Louisville Dryer Company
    Booth 326
  • Lovibond
    Booth 218
  • Malaysian Palm Oil Board
    Booth 112
  • MBP Solutions
    Booth 324
  • Metrohm USA
    Booth 130
  • Netzsch Instruments North America
    Booth 321
  • Milestone
    Booth 214
  • Novozymes
    Booth 237
  • Oil-Dri Corporation
    Booth 230
  • optek-Danulat Inc.
    Booth 327
  • Oxford Instruments
    Booth 244
  • PQ Corporation
    Booth 342
  • Pattyn
    Booth 248
  • Pennakem Europe
    Booth 246
  • Phillips 66 Solvents
    Booth 144
  • PMI Technology
    Booth 331
  • Rotex Global
    Booth 223
  • Rotunda Scientific Technologies
    Booth 132
  • Schrödinger
    Booth 234
  • Solex Thermal Science
    Booth 114
  • Solutions 4 Manufacturing
    Booth 213
  • T-1 Abraziv doo
    Booth 232
  • Testfabrics, Inc.
    Booth 344
    Booth 239
  • Velp Scientific, Inc.
    Booth 222
  • Xenocs Inc
    Booth 323

Sponsors as of April 18, 2022