Featured Events

Featured Events

The AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo is more than just a conference — it is a prime opportunity to advance your career and grow your network, all in one place. Professionals from all over the world come together online and in-person to share insights and perspectives while building new connections.

Featured Events

Opening Celebration: Collaborate to Innovate

In addition to the keynote speaker, AOCS President Phil Kerr and AOCS President-elect Silvana Martini recognized Society Award winners. 

Keynote presentation

Lessons learned from a lifetime in research and development
Mark Matlock, Retired Senior Vice President, Food Research and Development, ADM, USA

Mark shared stories demonstrating the power of a pivot when you need a customer and how diversity in scientific teams provides unique and unexpected insights, among other lessons from a lifetime in research and development.

Mark MatlockMark Matlock joined ADM in 1980, where he developed an analytical instrument to measure vegetable oil stability (OSI) that is widely used today. He has conducted enzymatic research leading to new soy protein ingredients and managed research that led to trans free fats via an enzymatic interesterification technology. Mark Matlock is a past-president of the American Oil Chemists’ Society and AOCS Fellow. He retired from ADM in 2019 as Sr. Vice President Food Research.

AOCS Governing Board Town Hall

Want to know more about AOCS? Stream an informal, on-demand get-together with AOCS Governing Board members to learn about our strategic initiatives.