Open Access Livestream

Open Access Livestream

The AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo is more than just a conference — it is a prime opportunity to advance your career and grow your network, all in one place. Professionals from all over the world come together online and in-person to share insights and perspectives while building new connections.

Open Access Livestream

The 2022 pre-meeting Livestream Events are over. On-demand recordings of the Industry Updates, Protein and Co-Products Division Graduate Student Oral Competition, and Student ePoster Pitch Competition will be coming soon on the AOCS YouTube channel.


Troubleshooting the Livestream

Does the chat say "offline"?

Refresh your browser to restart the chat.

Solutions to common issues

  • If you are unable to hear any sound at all, be sure your speakers are turned on, and you are not set to Mute within the live stream window.
  • If the slides or speaker appear blurry at any point, it may be an internet connectivity issue. If you know that your connection is good, and you refresh your screen, but the images are still distorted, the issue is with the speaker’s connectivity. It will be up to them to remedy that issue.
  • If you are having trouble with the video feed or are not seeing any video at all during the time of the Livestream event, try refreshing your browser. You can do this by clicking the circular refresh icon beside the URL or holding down Ctrl + R buttons on your keyboard on a desktop/laptop.

Support Information

Login or Registration Support

Contact Karen Kesler at or 1 217-693-4813.

Technical Support

Contact Akash Sheladiya at