Topics that will be presented on at the AOCS Annual Meeting

Session topics



•    Advanced Methods of Analysis, including Lipidomic
•    Authentication of High Value Oils, including Olive Oil
•    Cannabis Methods
•    Challenges in Assessing Nutritional Value of Protein Products
•    Dutton Award- Selected Presentations
•    General Analytical
•    High Oleic Acid and DHA Canola Oil
•    Polar Lipids, including Phospholipids
•    Proposed Updates to AOCS Official Methods
•    Protection and Analysis of Marine and Other Omega-3 Oil
•    Rapid, Spectroscopic and Spectrometric Methods
•    Trace Contaminants
•    Poster Session



•   Biopolymers
•   Emerging Biotechnological Developments in Lipids
•   Emerging Biotechnological Developments in Protein Functional Lipids - Biocatalysis I
•   Oleochemicals - Biocatalysis II
•   Plant and Algae Lipid Biotechnology and Genomics
•   Poster Session


Edible Applications Technology

•   Crystallization Behavior of Fats and Oils
•   Implication of Lipid Structuring and Fat Crystallization in Food Application
•   Phase Transition and Interfacial Phenomena in Food
•   Structuring of Liquid Oil for Low SAFA and Non-trans Applications
•   Poster Session


Health and Nutrition

•   Controversial Oils and Health
•   Dietary Cannabinoids and Health
•   General Health and Nutrition & Awards
•   Health Benefits of Food Proteins
•   Neurological Health Issues and Vegetable and Marine Oils
•   Poster Session

Industrial Oil Products

•   Biofuels
•   Biopolymers
•   Green Chemistry and Catalysis
•   New Uses of Glycerine
•   Oleochemicals
•   Poster Session


Lipid Oxidation and Quality

•   Antioxidant Mechanism and Activity
•   Development of Novel Antioxidants
•   Frying Oil: Industry Perspective and Novel Solutions
•   Methods to Determine Rancidity Factors Affecting Food Nutritional Values/Quality/Stability
•   Oxidation in Pet Food and Animal Feed
•   Protection and Analysis of Marine and Other Omega-3 Oil
•   Poster Session



•   Phospholipids, New Sources, Bioactives and Applications
•   Polar Lipids, including Phospholipids
•   Sustainable Processing and Fractionation for Novel Phospholipids
•   Poster Session

Protein and Co Products

Protein and Co-Products

•   Biotechnology for Improved Quality
•   Emerging Sources of Proteins for Feed Applications
•   Emerging Sources of Proteins for Food Applications
•   Health Benefits of Food Proteins
•   Protein-based Hydrocolloids for Food and Biomedical Applications
•   Protein Interaction with Food Components
•   Special Session: Lifetime Achievement Award and Lecture
•   Sustainable Technologies for Protein Extraction and Ingredient Impacts
•   Poster Session



•   Biofuels Contaminants
•   Food Safety
•   General Processing
•   High Oleic Acid and DHA Canola Oil
•   Processing ABC's
•   Poster Session


Surfactants and Detergents

•   Additives (cleaning)
•   Analytical Trace Components
•   Biosurfactants
•   Dispersants (inks, dyes, construction)
•   General Surfactants and Detergents
•   HLD
•   Oil & Gas
•   Next Generation
•   Personal Care
•   Preservatives
•   Regulatory
•   Poster Session